Boyuk Shore (Azerbaijani: Böyük Şor gölü), also spelled separately BoyukShore (in translation refers to “Big Salty Waters”) is the second largest lake of Azerbaijan and largest on Absheron Peninsula. It is located in the centre of the Absheron peninsula, on the boundaries of Binagadi, Sabunchu and Narimanov rayons.

European Olympic Games 2015 – Baku

Boyuk Shore is one of the focal areas for the European Olympic Games held in Baku 2015. On the east shore of the lake the main stadium is built, which will accommodate tens of thousands of spectators during matches and events. The building of the stadium and the poor condition of the lake has been a catalyst for starting remediation works for part of the lake. This concept plan covers the landscape scope of work and includes the south and east shore of the lake. Also included are the water features that will be part of the lake. The vision for the landscape is to beautify the area surrounding and turn the existing dumping area into a world class destination for both tourist and residents of Baku. Details on the remediation works can be found in the documents of the main consultant, Witteveen+Bos.